How Facebook is Different than Instagram


A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to speak on a branding panel for the Rising Tide Society’s local Tuesday’s Together chapter. During the course of the night, we were asked a lot of questions about social media; FB and IG to be specific. I wanted to take an episode to really highlight some of the key differences between Facebook and Instagram.

So often I see biz owners treating FB and IG the same then they get frustrated and quit using one or the other when they don’t see results. Facebook and Instagram are two different social media platforms and should be treated differently.

How Facebook is Different than Instagram

The first thing I have to stress to you in what NOT to do is set up auto-posting from Instagram to Facebook. If you have a business account for Instagram (which I hope you do) I would highly recommend turning off the auto-post feature if you have it on so when you post to IG it doesn’t automatically take that post and slap it on your FB page.

Why am I recommending you do this? For one, if you tagged other accounts in your IG post when it posts to Facebook those accounts will not be tagged. Secondly, if you used 30 hashtags on your original post in IG then those will show up FB, which aren’t helpful in Facebook. It makes the post look messy inside FB.

We all know Facebook now owns Instagram and FB is really key on posting in the moment. If you have an IG post automatically going to FB then it more than likely won’t perform as well.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way. Let’s move on to some of the tactics to use in Instagram that won’t work on Facebook.

I briefly touched on this earlier -- hashtags aren’t really helpful when you post to Facebook. But what is helpful is tagging. Whether that’s other business owners pages, people, etc. Facebook is really pushing engagement and community on its platform so your post 9 times out of 10 will perform better than tagging others.

It’ also helpful to tag others because usually when you do those people will then comment on your FB Post. Any engagement with your post is helpful to get it pushed out to more people.

One of the biggest differences between FB and Instagram is whose on the platform. I was chatting with a client the other day and she said her 15-year-old son said FB wasn’t cool. It’s what old people use. I thought this was hilarious seeing that I am in my 20’s and use the platform but it also validated my thought.

Different people are spending more time on FB then those that are hanging out on IG. This will be completely up to your business and you figuring it out -- are your ideal clients on FB? Do they spend more time on Instagram?

If you are a brick and mortar store than I would highly suggest spending time on your Facebook page, optimizing it and building your reviews there.

Okay, since we now know different people are on FB versus Instagram this means your optimal posting times may be different on each platform.

I know for my own audience they spend more time on Instagram during the day and then Facebook is more active at night like in 7-10 PM range.

If you don’t have an IG for a Business account then get one, like yesterday. And before you ask yourself “Won’t I see a drop in my engagement if I switch?” The answer is no. I go into more details on this in the Instagram Engagement episode posted August 21st.

The analytics on your IG Business Account is worth it. I can see what days and times my audience is most active and schedule around that.

Facebook Pages offers something similar where you can see when your audience is most active. Inside my monthly membership, The Brand Gathering, I have a mini-course on how to find your optimal posting times for FB. You can join the membership at if you want access to that.

You will also realize different content does better on each platform. On my Instagram, pictures of me, as well as my work, always do amazing. On Facebook, videos perform the best. I’ve tried uploading a few video clips to my IG feed and each one of them bombed.

It takes some testing but you’ll start to see patterns emerging of what works best for each platform.

One thing I have to warn you about whether you’re reviving your FB Page or IG Account is that you won’t see results overnight. I am having my Memberships Gatherers plan out 30 FB Page posts this month and challenging them to go Live 4 times this month.

Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, Live video outperforms most everything else. If you’re reviving your social media account you want to be very active and producing a lot of content on that platform. The algorithm can’t push posts out to your audience if you aren’t producing anything new.

So to bring this to a close; here are fast tips for each platform starting with Facebook:

  • Try tagging business and people in posts to get more engagement and organic reach.

  • Find the optimal times to post for Facebook and schedule posts out in advance. Try different types of content ranging from posts with images, videos, Live video, links to blog posts, etc. Track how well each type of post is performing using the page analytics.

  • Try changing your FB Page Icon to a picture of your face rather than your logo

  • Keep your FB Cover fresh. You can use it to highlight different deals or events happening

  • And finally, don’t use hashtags on FB posts.

Now for Instagram:

  • Switch an IG Business Profile and use the analytics to find optimal posting times for your audience

  • Use all 30 Instagram Hashtags thoughtfully. We had Erin from Pinicky Palm on way back in the day like the 1 or 2nd episode. Go listen to that episode for tons on Instagram hashtag knowledge (link in show notes)

  • Try using Instagram Stories to show behind-the-scenes of your business

  • And once again, don’t have auto-post to FB turned on.

I hope this episode helps you understand the differences between FB and IG so you can master them both and get more potential clients eyes on your work and booking more clients!