The Best Platform for Creatives


Today we are chatting all about the best platform for creatives, Showit. I want to, first off, starting with my journey to Showit and why I love it so much just personally before we get into the benefits behind the platform and what you can expect whenever you do a sign up for Showit. So going back, my first website was built with WordPress and then whenever I signed up for my first WordPress website, I went into the back end and I was just like, holy cow, what did I just get myself into? And so after a lot of studying and becoming just a student of WordPress, basically, I had my first website up and running on the Genius framework. And let me tell you, WordPress is such a headache. So a lot of the times I'd want to go in there and I'd want to update my portfolio or just one thing on my website and four hours later, five other things had broken, my portfolio still wasn't updated and I had a headache.

The Best Platform for Creatives

So that's kind of my relationship with WordPress and what made me start going and looking at other options such as Squarespace and Wix. And honestly, I kind of ran into Showit on accident. I had never heard of them before. And whenever I started looking for, whenever I started looking for a website, I ran in to Showit and I was just completely in awe of the platform. I had always had this idea in my head of if I could just visually put together a website and not have to know how to code things and not have to be stuck with the template and kind of modules within a tablet, then I could just create the most amazing websites ever. So whenever I found Showit, I was like, this is exactly what I was looking for.

So, I have designed client websites on WordPress. I designed clients websites on Squarespace and Weebly, but nothing compares to Showit. And that's from a design point and from a user standpoint. So from user experience to the capability Showit is honestly the best platform for creatives in my opinion. And so I'm going to tell you 10 reasons why I think that and hopefully it'll help you make a decision or you're thinking about switching it will make that help you make that decision a little bit easier as well.

So one of the reasons why I was hesitant to move away from WordPress, even though it was a headache, is because I am no fool to think that another platform is going to have the robust SEO features as WordPress does. They have so many plugins that you can play with and just everything that will help you get found in the search rankings. So that was one of the reasons why I was so hesitant to move away from WordPress. So whenever I found Showit, I wanted to know about their SEO capabilities. And really the only reason why I was blogging and I still blog is to get found in those searches for keywords, and also the to keep my website relevant within the Google ranking.

So number one reason why I absolutely loved Showit is because the blog integrates with WordPress. So even though you would design your blog template through Showit, whenever you go to blog, it is still through WordPress. Hopefully that makes sense. If you've never blogged with WordPress and you might be scratching your head right now, but you design through Showit, like your template is through Showit and you blogs through WordPress so you don't lose any of those SEO features.

And I will tell you though, before whenever I had my website strictly on WordPress, I was probably like the fifth or sixth page for a lot of top keywords. And I would say probably about six months or less after switching to Showit, I was showing up on the first pages for a lot of significant keywords for my business. So the second reason why I love Showit for my clients is because you don't need to know code. A lot of my clients whenever I was building their websites on WordPress, I would get emails afterwards saying, hey, how do I do this? How do I do this? What about this? Because a lot of the things you need to know how to code or it just takes a lot of back end work and with Showit that's not the case. Majority of the time, whenever I get done with the client's website, I always give them a 60 minutes tutorial on how to update and change things on their website. That gets recorded and sent to them.

I think in the past year I've gotten one or two emails from clients asking how they change or do something. A lot of times it has to do with them just clearing the cache within their website provider like Chrome because the changes were made, they just can't see it until that happens. So you don't need to know a lick of code. It's absolutely insane what you can do inside of Showit without knowing any code.

Back to what I was saying, with WordPress, so a lot of times I'd want to update my portfolio and ended up taking hours and it left me with a headache. Now with the Showit I can update my portfolio in less than five minutes. Like within five clicks of a mouse my portfolio is updated, it's clean, I don't have a headache. It's just absolutely insane.

So if you're a Squarespace user, then you probably already know this and may be annoyed by this. You have to make changes to your desktop site and it will simultaneously changed the mobile website. So if you change up the menu or the way that you kind of order things, that's how it automatically gets placed into the mobile website. With Showit you can design your desktop website completely separate from your mobile website.

So any and every part of my website I optimize for either desktop or mobile. So for the desktop I usually use horizontal images because horizontal images that look better on your desktop. And then on the mobile version, I'll use a completely different image that is a vertical because vertical images work better on mobile. So you no longer have to think about both desktop and mobile at the same time whenever you're designing because you can design them completely independent of one another, which helps your bounce rate and your conversion rate because you're designing for how that person is viewing your website. '

If you are having trouble with your own website, maybe you're just not converting website visitors into paying clients and you don't understand why that is then go to my website. I created this free guide. It's different reasons why your website might not be converting, how to figure it out, and what the fix is. And you can grab that by going to

So grab that guide to kind of help diagnose why your website may not be converting website visitors into clients so you can start on your journey from zero to five leads per week. That's my goal for you.

Now another reason why I absolutely love Showit is how you can embed Shopify into your website and still make it look like a beautiful shop. So once again, a lot of times it's Shopify, it's very limited on the design side unless you know code or you're going to pay somebody to do it. With Showit, once again it you can design your shop within Showit and then embed your products using Shopify and then they check out and they go through the whole process on your Showit website and they still get a beautiful customer experience.

So that's another reason why I am a fan of Showit is because I'm actually, I'm planning on launching a template shop in 2019 and I'm going to use Shopify integrated with my Showit website. So you can have a beautiful Shopify shop on a Showit website and then have that stunning user experience.

Now this is a big one. Number six is big because I've had clients come to me with issues from WordPress or third party plugins and they try to get ahold of their customer service, and they don't know who to email. They don't hear back. It's in a completely different time zone, so if your website crashes like at 10:00 in the morning, it's already 8:00 at night there, so you have to wait like 12 hours to get anything fixed. With Showit their customers or is unbeatable.

You can chat with them while you're designing your website at any point. They have a little chat box down in the right hand corner, but they also have an emergency email which they're really good at getting back in touch with. So if it's like the weekend or at night and you realize that something's wrong with your website and it's crashed and it's just not working, then you can email their emergency email address and then they'll help you get back up and running. So I just couldn't be more pleased with Showit's customer service all the way around, just the way that they communicate and get back to you and their willingness to help, that's a big one.

Now, number seven is also another big one. So a lot of times my clients are hesitant about switching platforms because they're like, I don't know how to migrate stuff. I have all these old blog posts, I don't know how to switch platforms. Showit takes care of that at no additional costs. And I use this with every single one of my clients' websites. So Showit will do it fast and free. So if you are on say Squarespace and you have your old blogs and everything and now you're switching over to Showit and you're going to have a WordPress blog, they're going to migrate all of those old blog posts and everything over to their server within like 48 hours. And all you do is you fill out a form, you give them like your domain host login information and they take care of all of that for you. So once again, that's a lot of reasons why people are hesitant about switching and Showit makes that fast and free and without headaches.

Now if you've ever, this has happened to me. I've gone to a WordPress template shop and I find a template that I really like him like, oh, this one's awesome and I pay for it. I upload it to my WordPress website, and then the template looks nothing like I thought it was going to because they added in all of these plugins, they coded it like it just looks completely flat, like not my expectations at all. Well unlike that Showit offers top notch free templates and it's what you see is what you get. So whenever you're going through their template shop and you may be afraid or hesitant in that, you're going to upload this template and it's going to look completely different., that's definitely not the case. They have tons of beautiful free templates that do not lack in creativity and do not look run of the mill and they're absolutely free. So you can always go to and checkout all of their design templates, and you're just going to be surprised by the level of creativity and how high end they look for zero to 250 bucks.

So number nine is Showit's customization, which we kind of talked about a little bit throughout this whole show, unlike, I'll use Squarespace for an example. It's kind of a template builder, but you're stuck within the modules and if you kind of want to move stuff out of these modules, then you have to add code to rearrange things, which that might not be the best way to explain it, but Showit is literally a drag and drop template. Like if you pick an image, you can drag that image anywhere you want on the website. It's unlike any other inner interface I've ever seen for any other platform. You can easily change and customize the website and make it unique to you and your business.

And that's why industry leaders like Jasmine Star, Jenna Kutcher, Katelyn James, they all have websites on the Showit platform. So if they're using it, you got to know that it's probably pretty good because I will tell you all of their websites like banging.

Now this is the last one and it's kind of a little bit, it's a different feature and I really enjoy it. So Showit allows you to create sub domains off from your main website, what they call plus sits. Plus sites can be used for a variety of purposes including custom websites for your clients, custom websites for maybe workshops that you're teaching, or maybe you don't want your pricing to be alive on your website. So if somebody fills out your form, you can send them to this plus site with all of your packages and pricing. There's just a lot of various offerings that can be done with plus sites and they're super simple to set up. You just go in there like create a plus site and you can create a plus site using your current branding and it's just very easy to set up and has so many different functionalities that you can use it for.

Now, most importantly Showit allows you to easily keep your website updated and make changes as your business grows. A lot of the times clients come to me frustrated because they haven't updated their website in years because they don't know how. And so you can design and launch your Showit website and completely keep it updated. So if you have not heard of, Showit, go check it out. I honestly 100% think that it's the best platform for creatives because of how simple is an easy it is to us.