Ep07: Designing your Workday to Maximize your Time


Ep07: Designing your Workday to Maximize your Time

On Episode 07, we're chatting with Alexandra Beauregard, creator of The Productivity Zone. Alexandra is the organization and productivity specialist behind The Productivity Zone. By day, she helps female entrepreneurs better manage their time and be more productive by setting up systems and getting organized through step-by-step blog posts and online courses in her new Systems Shop (coming soon)! By night, she’s painting her nails, enjoying Chipotle burrito bowls, and listening to audiobooks or going for gold in Netflix bingeing.

She shut down her much-loved wedding blog after 6 years to pursue her passion of helping female entrepreneurs make their passion productive one super system at a time! Because she knows that flying by the seat of your pants doesn’t work, busy is overwhelming, perfect is overrated, and female entrepreneurship isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. She believes embracing organization, productivity, and time management are the keys to taking back control of your business so you can have a life you love!

During the episode, you'll learn actionable steps on how to cut out the busy work and start being more productive with whatever amount of time you have whether that's 4 hours, 8 hours, or just the weekend. Alex gives us her tools and strategies that allowed her to follow her passion and begin her productivity adventure.

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